“I Hear You Calling Me Home” 40×40″ $1,600, is my reaction to the recent tragic mass shooting in Orlando. The yellow birds started as leaves and turning into winged birds. I imagine them singing harmoniously with the mist creating an ethereal atmosphere deep among the trees. The title was inspired by lyrics from a song named, Eve’s Longing: “I want to hear you calling me in a song…I want to find my way home again by the stars…guided by an ancient knowing.” I’m not exactly sure how this represents this horrific event but it is my expression of hope for a better future. My sadness was lifted by painting these little sweet song birds nestled among the forest. After I painted this the number of people who were killed was released in the news to be 49. If you count the birds, dragonflies, flowers and butterflies, there are 49! Gives me chills!

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