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Some work currently for sale at Bowery Art Gallery in Apalachicola, Florida

Treasure Coast’s Rest Easy Spot, 36×36, $1,440   Gazing Herons, 48×48, $1,920 Roaming Daisies, 30×30, $950 Warmth of the Growing Light, 16×30, $490 A Wish Unfolded, 48×48, $1,920    

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I Hear You Calling Me Home 40x40

Reaction painting to Orlando tragedy

“I Hear You Calling Me Home” 40×40″ $1,600, is my reaction to the recent tragic mass shooting in Orlando. The yellow birds started as leaves and turning into winged birds. I imagine them singing harmoniously with the mist creating an ethereal atmosphere deep among the trees. The title was inspired by lyrics from a song named, […]

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ARTSQUEST fine arts festival, Mother’s Day weekend, May 7&8th

ArtsQuest fine arts festival is held on Mother’s Day weekend, May 7&8th from 10am-7pm. My booth number is #94. The art at this event is incredible. This is my 4th year participating. We always enjoy the scenery and taking some time to hit the beach and eat some oysters. Please join us!

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