Trust Your Wings, Flaunt Your Feathers, 48×36

Donated to BoysTown in Tallahassee. This is really about the transformational magical beauty we see in ourselves and others when we have the courage to trust our intuition, be comfortable in our own skin, be proud of who we are and live authentically with our whole hearts. I was inspired to paint this enchanting peacock with iridescent wings, bold poppies and little birds tucked under its feathers because it reminds me of a vacation we took to a beach resort a few years ago when my daughter was only a few months old. There were gorgeous tropical flowers right outside our room with peacocks and flamingos strutting around everywhere. I was a new mother; afraid of everything, feeling unsure of my role, weary as can be. But I remember this moment, as I held Evelyn in my arms, when we both became mesmerized by these beautiful creatures flaunting their feathers. She giggled, I smiled, and thought to myself, "I got this!"

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