Eagles in the Moonlight, 48×60″

This piece was inspired by a rafting trip down the Colorado River. I was there to celebrate my nephew's graduation from high school and acceptance into Columbia University. My parents, myself and lots of other relatives filled three boats to ride down the river together! I spotted a magnificent bald eagle soaring high in the sky, then flapping low over treetops with slow wing beats. A short jaunt later I spotted the nest, the hugest nest I've ever seen! It was cradled in a snaggy tree with sprigs of greenery tucked here and there among the sticks. One bald eagle was perched while another gracefully landed before my eyes. It was incredible to witness. Several family members said, "Anne, are you inspired to paint this?" but I was already forming this painting in my mind. I added some ferns, bark, leaves, butterfly wings and feathers into the nest. Some of these treasures were found near the bank of the river.

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