Reaction painting to Orlando tragedy

“I Hear You Calling Me Home” 40×40″ $1,600, is my reaction to the recent tragic mass shooting in Orlando. The yellow birds started as leaves and turning into winged birds. I imagine them singing harmoniously with the mist creating an ethereal atmosphere deep among the trees. The title was inspired by lyrics from a song named, […]

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Herons in the Mist 36×48

This painting was a commissioned piece. I matched the colors to the client’s rug. Rarely do I use this ruby red color or cobalt blue so this was a fun challenge. The birds look like they are just waking up on a misty morning.

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Wild Field of Flowers

I came home from Vermont and Maine really inspired to paint! The growing season is short and intense there. Wildflowers stood on the sides of roads. Practically every house  had a charming garden bursting with colorful blooms. We visited several organic farms, one operated on the honor system. We chose our  fresh picked corn, tomatoes […]

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Spring Field

This painting, Spring Field, 36×36″ sold for $900.  It is acrylic on wood paneling like all my work. My husband, Todd, who is a biologist (a.k.a. bug guy) builds all my frames.  I painted it on the porch of my studio. I have a babysitter that comes twice a week to play with my 15 […]

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Poppies Now and Poppies Then…

Once again I am drawn to paint a red poppy field. My style is evolving. It looks looser than before when I compare my first field of red poppies below from 2009. I still use the same technique, and love it, but I make my blooms fuller and varying in size now, I apply more […]

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Purple Phlox

Every spring is marked by this brilliant spray of purple phlox in my yard and when it blooms, I am reminded that I love painting these charming whimsical flowers!  Once I noticed a good crop had arrived this year, I woke up early one crisp morning with my daughter, Evelyn, to take photos. She ended […]

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Largest Painting…First Painting…Bird Tree

I found this picture of my first commissioned painting that I did once my studio was built about 5 years ago. It’s of a tree with flowers and birds and nests. Still a theme I love to paint and never tire of. I looked at it today and decided I still really like it. My […]

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Always Poppies

Always poppies. Interesting how the stems twist and curve and I like the touch of black in the middle. I liked the way the circles on the vase fade. I can’t get enough of the bright yellow greens and various shades of turquoise with the earthy brown combination.  And of course a playful bird at the […]

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I live and work in a natural wooded area and find inspiration everywhere. A t-shirt, invitation, wallpaper, a scene in a movie, a dream, a sunset or a walk through the woods may trigger an idea for a painting. I love painting on wood with acrylics and enjoy building texture and mixing glazes to achieve […]

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